Summer Picnic – 2019

What a great time we spent together at Shipley Park for our Summer Picnic and Balloon Race.  The sun shone, the picnics were great, there were lots of games played and almost all of the balloons made it out of the park!

Last year the wind was blowing from the South and our balloons were returned from West Yorkshire.  The wind was blowing in the opposite direction this year so now we’re all eagerly waiting to see how far they travel and where they end up this time!

STOP PRESS…..STOP PRESS…..we’ve had balloon ticket 20 returned from Mr & Mrs Bridle who found it on Abbotsbury Beach in Dorset so believe this is the furthest travelled balloon this year.  Balloon 20 was sent on its way from Shipley Park by Andy King so both Andy and Mr & Mrs Bridle receive the £20 prize.