100 Club

Support the Down's Syndrome - Derby 100 Club

The 100 club is a simple monthly draw with all proceeds benefiting Down Syndrome – Derby. If you would like to join please print, complete and return the enclosed Application and Standing Order Form to Down’s Syndrome – Derby, 189 Church Street, Waingroves, RIPLEY, DE5 9TF.

The Subscription – £5 per month payable by Standing Order on the 28th day of each month.

The Prizes – 42% of the total subscriptions for the month.  3 winners each month. (1st prize 24%, 2nd prize 12%, 3rd prize 6%). 

Each draw will be held at a Down’s Syndrome – Derby event or the regular Trustees’ Meeting (generally held at the Toby Inn, Chaddesden).  Winners will be advised individually.

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